Joe Francis and Wife of Two Months Divorcing

Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis and his wife, CBS reporter Christina McLarty are already quitting their two month marriage, according to Radar.

They would have been better off now getting married at all.  They were a couple foe four years before the wedding in November.

Sources said,

“Joe Francis’ wife moved out, and they might be getting a divorce.”

McLarty has already been living with family for a month.  So they weren’t even together as husband and wife for a month?!

“I’m not sure if she is still driving the S500 Mercedes he let her use or if she still has her $500K engagement ring, but she definitely moved out of his Bel Air home.”

Well this story throws off all the happy engagement stories that have been busting out all week.  Time for another happy ending….

Photos: TMZ

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