LeAnn Rimes Gets Boob Job – Before & After Pics

LeAnn Rimes is getting ready to get married to her man, Eddie Cibrian and part of the pre-wedding prep happened to be boob job.  So who spilled the beans on LeAnn’s new rack?

Eddie Cibrian Gave LeAnn Rimes a MASSIVE Engagement Ring

An “insider”… I know, right? …. talked to Us Weekly about the new boobs,

“She recently got a boob job.  She’s always, always been insecure about her size. She was a small A-cup. She often talked about wanting to get implants. She’d say, “I just want a little bit so they’re proportionate to my body.'”  When Brandi and LeAnn were constantly fighting, one of LeAnn’s jabs at Brandi was that she was plastic. Brandi replied, ‘Be careful, honey. That’s what Eddie likes. You’ll be there someday too.’ Looks like Brandi was right!”

Let’s treat the above photo as the before.  Now check out the the after photos here.

Now tell me if you think those are really new or just pushed up….

Photo via Shape

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