Jaime Pressly Arrested For DUI – Mug Shot

The former My Name Is Earl star was pulled over in Santa Monica at around 11PM.  Jaime Pressly performed a field sobriety test, failed it, then was arrested, according to TMZ.

In case you were wondering… there were no kids or drugs in the car.  Just Jaime.

Her bail has been set at $15,000 which suggests that Jaime was waaay over the limit.  Bail would have been just $5,000, but when it goes over .15, it goes up to 15k.

Celebrity DUIs are the worst.  They have the money, hire a limo driver to tote you around.  Why take chances with your like and everyone else’s on the road?

UPDATE: Jaime has been released on $15,000 bail.  Do you think she’ll get the smack down for this or will she skate by?

Photo via TMZ

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