Victoria Beckham Gets A New Boob Job – Before & After Pics

Victoria Beckham has always tried to pull off a facade of being a “natural” girl.  Did anyone ever buy that?  I didn’t, and now she’s put her foot in her mouth.

She told Vogue UK,

“No torpedo bazookas, either.  Gone.”

Victoria has admitted that she got another boob job.  So Miss Natural has been under the knife at least two times.  What else has she done?

LeAnn Rimes Gets Boob Job – Before & After Pics

This new boob job was to take out her big breast implants and go back to a more natural size.  Well good for her.  But what I want to know is why she has to lie about it to begin with.  No one cares if you get plastic surgery.  They only care when you lie about it. Setting yourself up…. ouch!

Photos via Vogue UK, Star

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