Katy Perry Makes HUGE Announcement at Facebook Headquarters

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Katy Perry has been amping us up for a huge announcement that she’s making today at Facebook headquarters at 2:30 PM/P. Her latest Tweet just said,


With the photo above.

I just watched Social Network last week and I must say that I was very impressed by the movie.  That was proven at the Golden Globes.

Anyhow, I am very, very curious as to what Katy and Mark Zuckerberg are up to.  As soon as the word is out, I will let you know!

UPDATE: Katy is LIVE on Facebook right now.  The main big announcement is her California Dreams Tour across the USA and Canada.

– Her opening acts will be Marina and The Diamonds

– She’s going for major girl power

– This tour will have a “smell” seriously.  Cotton candy baby!!

– The tour will be interactive: You will be able to check in on Facebook, interact through Twitter, and win a meet and greet during the concerts.

– Tickets will be on sale Friday and Saturday for pre-sale then the following weekend tickets will be available to the general public.

Katy is hilarious.  She keeps cussing because she’s allowed to.  I love it.

Katy also revealed her date for the Grammys, her 90-year-old Grammy.

Katy will be performing a NEW song that she’s never performed before!

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