Jaime Pressly’s Troubles Just Got a Lot Bigger

Jaime Pressley was busted on January 5th for a DUI where her BAC was more than twice the legal limit.  Now she’s got more legal issues to deal with, and these are with Uncle Sam.

Jaime Pressly Arrested For DUI – Mug Shot

Pressley currently owes $637,000 in Federal and state taxes, Radar is reporting.  The State of California filed a lien for $95,080 on June 21st.  The IRS filed a $281,699 lien against her on September 8th and then a $260,370 tax lien filed against her on December 6th.

How do these celebrities get themselves into so much trouble with the IRS anyhow?  They have the cash to pay people to keep their books in order.  I don’t get it.

Photo via TMZ

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