‘The Bachelor’ Brad Womack is Making Me INSANE

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So it was another night of total frustration watching The Bachelor.  So why do I even bother?  Because I love my reality TV and I usually love The Bachelor.  Just not when Brad Womack is on.  Ugh.  He’s so annoying.  He’s got serious issues and I wish ABC would pull their heads out and realize HE SUCKS.  Why did you cast him AGAIN?

Seeing a guy have to get help from his therapist before every Rose Ceremony is such a freaking turn off.  Then the fact that he took those girls on Love Line to get Dr. Drew to get them to “open up” to him in a “safe space” almost put me over the edge.  Way too awkward, way too obvious.

Okay… so the girls on my radar this week.  Michelle… she’s got to go.  But nooo.  Brad thinks she’s a “remarkable woman.”  Um yeah.  Remarkably crazy.  The black eye?  I’m pretty sure that was self inflicted to gain more sympathy/attention.  I. Can’t. Stand. Her.

Chantal O. is definitely growing on me.  She seems pretty real and their chemistry is pretty intense.  I like how honest she is.  That is the complete opposite of Michelle.

Where did Miss Brit come from ?!  Wow.  I didn’t think she had it in her.  Do I think she will make it to the end?  Absolutely not.  But she’s sweet.

What was with drunk Ashley?  She made a complete ass out of herself and then the insane Brad wants to keep her around?  I don’t get it.

I think the little gesture Brad did for Emily with the blanket and wine with candles was sweet.  I appreciate that effort, but it was really tacky to do in the open, in front of all the other girls he just made out with.  But, I guess that’s the name of the game, right?

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