Charlie Sheen In Rehab For 3 Months

Charlie Sheen will be in rehab for the next three months.  That is great news for Charlie’s body.  But as for the crew of Two and a Half Men, things aren’t looking good.

There are over 300 people on staff for the show and they are all super stressed about their own financial situation with the show on hold for that long.

Last time Charlie went into rehab, for a much shorter stint, they were compensated.  Well, this time it’s not looking like they will be fully compensated since it is an entire three months without any production actually running.

I will note that they are all very supportive of Charlie getting better and they know this will be beset for him.

How would you feel?  I think I wouldn’t be able to help but to be pissed.  Charlie Sheen is a party animal.  He’s a grown man with children and real responsibilities and he never takes responsibility.  He needs to take the rehab seriously and ditch all those crappy “friends” and get it together.  Otherwise, I think the show can’t go on.  Enough is enough.

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