NEW Lindsay Lohan Lawsuit – Details

For the love of Pete.  Seriously?  It’s another bad day for Lindsay Lohan.  She’s in the middle of the whole stolen necklace fiasco and now she’s got a fresh batch of trouble with her name all over it.

Tanning Vegas owner, Lorit Simon is suing Lilo for not paying the $40,000 bill she racked up between 2007-09.  This tanning company traveled with her to keep her tan up and that’s how the bill got so huge.  They are saying she never paid and still refuses to.  Simon is demanding that Lindsay pay the bill plus attorney fees and interest of course.

Lindsay Lohan Starring in the New Superman

This is the second time that Simon has gone after Lindsay.   She claims she stole her tanning formula to make her own spray tan for her Sevin Nyne label.

This is just not Lindsay’s week.

Photo: TMZ

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