Lindsay Lohan Court Arraignment Photos and Recap

Lindsay Lohan arrived with freshly plumped lips and a tight white dress today.  Looking her best did nothing in the way of mercy though.

Judge Schwartz threw the book at Lindsay.  He  set her bail at $20,000 — but warned, “If you violate the law, I will remand you and there will be no bail.”  Then he also revoked Lindsay’s probation in the DUI case and set bail at $20,000.

The Official 5th Lindsay Lohan Mug Shot

So currently, Lindsay is posting her bail and will return to court on February 23rd.  There may be a plea deal in the works, but there are no guarantees.  We will see what her lawyer can come up with.

Lindsay did a lot of blinking in there.  I am surprised the tears didn’t win.

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