Meet Mark Sanchez’ 17 Year Old Girlfriend, Eliza Kruger

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Mark Sanchez is the quarterback for the New York Jets.  Cool.  But now his name is being plastered all over the internet for something that has nothing to do with football.  The offseason isn’t taking off in a very good direction for this guy.

Mark has been dating a 17-year-old girl and well, you know what that means.  The world is in an uproar over the star QB dating an underaged girl.  For one thing, it’s a legal relationship in New Jersey.  So there can be no statutory rapes charges or anything of that nature.

Eliza Kruger is a rich girl, still in high school., sleeping with a famous quarterback.  She posted pictures from one night at Sanchez’ house on her Facebook, which I take as a “brag book” for her latest conquest.  I think that anyone wanting to come down on Sanchez is pathetic.  He’s not 44, he’s 24.  She was more than willing.  And perhaps he has trouble dating women his own age.  Or maybe he has a thing for younger girls women.  Whatever the case, there is no crime.  Just a lot of embarrassment.

I believe that Eliza Kruger has proven that she isn’t mature for her age.  Her actions by broadcasting this whole thing prove where her intentions were in the first place.  Stupid choice by Mark Sanchez for sure.  Hopefully he will learn from this one.

If you want all the sordid details about this short-lived relationship, you can check them out over at Deadspin where the story first surfaced.

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