Karaoke King Clint Jun Gamboa Rocks American Idol – VIDEO

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Last night Clint Jun Gamboa gave it his all on American Idol singing Billionaire and wow.  He rocked it.  He comes across as this geeky karaoke guy and then he opens his mouth and takes your breath away.  Very well done.

Have a listen:

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  1. felipe de borbon says

    i think the judges put him thru so the voters can eliminate him right away…gamboa may be a good singer, but he is not the best…and no, i won’t vote for him after what he did to jaycee badeaux…i’m sure the voters will do the same, the voters won’t forget the incident between him and jaycee easily! hey gamboa, have you heard about karma?

  2. TBJ says

    Clint is amazing and by far one of the best this season. The incident with JC is the product of over-dramatized editing to make people like you buy into the drama. Haven’t you considered the possibility of the incident not actually taking place the way Fox wanted you to believe it did. Unfortunately, people like you are eating it up and as you confirmed, “won’t vote for him.” Here’s a suggestion: don’t watch the show and instead watch just the performances online afterward and do it with your eyes closed, THEN judge based on what you’re supposed to judge on.

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