Kim Kardashian as Cleopatra For Harper’s Bazaar – PHOTOS

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Kim Kardashian went all Cleopatra for a amazing photo shoot for Harper’s Bazaar and it turned out beautifully.  Kim can do no wrong when it comes to photo shoots.  Well, when she strips down naked, that brings a fit of drama, but she still looks good doing it.

Who is Kim Kardashian’s Valentine?

My favorite part of the interview?  The very end:

Kim’s next incarnation: pop singer. She recently filmed her first music video with Kanye West, tweeting pictures of herself with Bo Derek braids. “I can carry a tune, yeah. I have a cute little voice. I talked to people in the business, and they said, ‘This is what we do for fun. You go to the movies, you go shopping, why don’t you try what we do?'” And with no less than West as a collaborator, Kim might yet be a hit. Has Kanye ever come courting? She smiles again. “We are good friends.”

Kim is clearly doing something right. “Everything is better with a K,” she says emphatically, owning her irony. “Klassy with a Khar, har, har. But life is funner with a K.”

You can read up on the entire thing at Harper’s Bazaar.  For now, enjoy the photos and video below of Kim Kardashian as Kleopatra:

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