The Final Touching Story of American Idol 2011 – James Durbin

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James Durbin was the final audition and the final touching story for the American Idol 2011 auditions. Yes, this is another tear jerker… so grab some Kleenex and watch:

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  1. sandra says

    James, you are amazing, you are a winner. Just for getting up as a asperger’s adult and taking part is amazing. Should you every come to South Africa please give us a call, I work with children that are autistic and need all the support you can offer.



  2. Tracie says

    James, you are amazing and an inspiration; I have a son with functional autsim and completely understand the difficulties you have faced., I am so proud of you James- you have a beautiful family and an equally beautiful gift. I have often thought that because so many children with autism are visual learners that combining music with life skills lessons would be very beneficial in teaching these children not only basic information but also how to cope with peer pressures. (I personally taught my son many thing through singing and play.) You have such a great voice and stage performance along with personal experience that possibly this is a direction you could look into that would not only help others who have to go throught what you have but also provide you and your family with an income. God Bless!

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