Lady Gaga on Good Morning America Dressed Like a Condom – Photos, Video

Lady Gaga doesn’t dress in street clothes.  That is just never going to happen.  So why not appear on Good Morning America dressed in a condom? Yes, that’s one way to draw some attention.  And that’s what Gaga does best.

“Today was a latex condom-inspired outfit because we had to talk about safe sex,” Gaga said “I really wanted to, head-to-toe, be representative of what we women and people all over the world need to be concerned about, which is the leading cause of death in women all around the world, which is HIV.”

Gaga is claiming that she was in that egg for the Grammys for THREE DAYS.  Whaaaaaa?!

“I wanted to have a rebirth, and I think the universe needs to have a rebirth,” Gaga said. “I think we all need to be inside a vessel for three whole days, thinking about how we can love ourselves more, protect ourselves more, live life with more passion and look not outwards for validation but inwards.”

I wonder if she had some snacks in there…. and maybe a charger for her cell?

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