Police RAID Charlie Sheen’s House

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Charlie Sheen’s life just took a turn in a very different direction.  I don’t know how many people saw this one coming, but I sure didn’t.  This guy is clearly out of his mind, but who knew he was at the center of a major criminal investigation?

The LAPD and other law enforcement did a pre-planned raid after conducting an investigation into criminal activity.  It looks like it was centered on drugs AND weapons.  Whoa!

A source at the house told TMZ that the cops might be putting Charlie on an involuntary 5150 psychiatric hold.  That’s the best thing I’ve heard about him in weeks.  Charlie NEEDS HELP.

The latest on this story is saying that the cops may be there to also investigate Charlie’s violation of Brooke’s restraining order that prohibits him for possessing weapons.

This is getting ugly people…. stay tuned!

UPDATE: Police are now saying that they will not be putting Sheen on a 5150 and the main purpose of the raid was centered on the violation of the TRO and it does involve weapons.  At the moment, the ever insane Sheen is chowing on a burger while the cops do their investigating.

Could this saga get any weirder?

Phtotos: TMZ

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