‘The Bachelor’ Finale – Brad Has Chosen His Bride

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Tonight the whole world finally gets to see who Brad Womack has chosen to be his wife.  The two remaining women are Chantal O’Brien and Emily Maynard.

Everyone’s opinions on who he should have chosen are very split.  I personally like both women for different reasons.  I think either one could work for him.  But something tells me that Emily will be the one.  She is certainly ready to settle down and her daughter captured Brad’s heart.

Tonight the finale is on and the end has finally arrived… I didn’t know if I wold survive this season of Brad.  But I did… now we can get onto the next season of Dancing With The Stars!  Yes!

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Check back in a bit for the results of tonight’s finale of The Bachleor… to see who Brad picked.  But first, drop your predictions in the box below!

UPDATE: Brad chose Emily.  I was in pain for Chantal.  It was really hard seeing her hurt like that.  But seeing Emily and Brad together made me realize just how good they are together.   So with that, congrats to the happy couple!  I really hope they have a long and happy marriage.


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