Christina Aguilera Has Intense Cellulite – Photos

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Happy Hump Day!  I hope that your week is going fast!  Take a quick look at today’s best gossip from around the web… then hit up happy hour with something juicy to contribute!

Orlando Bloom Launches New Fragrance  —  Accidental Sexiness

* Christina Aguilera has Intense Cellulite  —  Amy Grindhouse *

Olivia Munn Must NOT Have a Stylist  — Ayyyy!

Chris Klein Got Himself a Job!   — Busy Bee Blogger

Katy Perry’s Mom is Selling Her Out  —  Celebrity Mound

Charlie Sheen FAKE Movie Posters  —  Celebrity Smack!

Kelly Clarkson New Album DELAYED  — Daily Stab

It’s A Glee Recap  —  Dipped in Cream

Copycat Nicole Richie! —  FashionGrail

Justin Bieber Hugs His Younger Self  —  The Frisky

Lindsay Lohan’s Latest ISSUE  —  Hilary Shepherd

The Situation Had Jokes CUT From Donald Trump Roast: Here They Are

Charlie Sheen Added Dates to His Tour  —  Hollywood On Crack

Howard Stern Talks Sex With Rolling Stone  (Ew! )  —  I Need My Fix

Alicia Silverstone ‘The Kind Diet’  —  Just Jared

Gary Roberts is The Manliest Man in Professional Sports  —  Lolebrity

Check Out The World’s Most Expensive Dog!  —  Mathew Guiver

Angelina Calls Snooki a “Fat Troll”  —  Notorious News

Jodie Foster Still Out of Her Bloody Mind  —  Oh The Scandal!

Britney For Japan Relief Efforts  —  Poor Britney

Megan Fox in ‘Knocked Up’ Sequel?   —  PopEater

Bunny Bumper Cars  —  Raincoaster

Suge Knight Casino Brawl!  —  Right Celebrity

Jasmine Villegas New Music Video  —  Sinchronicity

Ke$ha NASTY Bikini Pics  —  The Skinny Chic

Bounty Hunter Daughter Arrested – Mugshot  —  TMZ


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