Tiger Woods New Girlfriend is Alyse Lahti Johnston – PHOTOS and MUGSHOT

Tiger Woods has moved onto a new girl.  One that happens to be 13 years younger than he is and her daddy just happens to be an IMG executive… the agency that represents him.

So who is this new girl?  Her name is Alyse Lahti Johnston (22.)  She is a golfer, college student and a DUI convict as well.  She was busted in October last year.  (Mugshot below.)

These two have allegedly been seeing each other for a few months and it’s unclear how many women Tiger has been seeing on the side.  Alyse knows what she’s gotten herself into, so no sympathy votes here.

Does anyone else find it creepy that Tiger picked a new girl that looks like she could be related to Elin Nordegren?

Click on the photos to enlarge:

Photos: Daily Mail

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