Brad Womack and Emily SPLIT, He’s Returning For THIRD Round of ‘The Bachelor’?!

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If this actually comes to pass, I will certainly ban The Bachelor from my DVR list.  OMG.  I didn’t like Brad Womack the first time  on the show.  Then having to suffer through a second round nearly killed me.  If he gets to do it again…. I hope that the world will join me in NOT watching.  Send ABC a message because they are apparently out of their minds, thinking that the ratings would be huge and are considering it.

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‘The Bachelor’ Brad Womack Picks Emily, But They Have SPLIT AGAIN (For Good)

“No one ever thought Brad would be invited back for a second time after he rejected both women the first time he appeared,” an insider told PopEater. “So it’s not totally out of the question that Brad could return again if he and Emily stop trying to make this relationship work.  If Brad hadn’t found love the second time there is no way he would ever be invited back on the show. But after America saw him try so hard to make his relationship work with Emily, they like him again. Everyone thinks Emily tricked him — they feel sorry for him.”

I really don’t care what the situation is.  Brad can go bar hopping and find a girl.  Leave America out of it already.   …..I mean that.  I really, really do.

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