Ryan Seacrest Just Got Rebecca Black a Record Deal

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Rebecca Black (13) has been the center of a lot of attention lately and that is only going to get more intense now.  Thanks to Ryan Seacrest, Black just struck the deal of a lifetime.

Today Rebecca was on Ryan’s radio show and after is was over, Ryan hooked Rebecca up with Deborah Baum, a manager with DB Entertainment.

And now Rebecca is the latest SIGNED artist on their roster.

Congrats to Rebecca Black.  And hello, yes…. Ryan Seacrest IS THAT POWERFUL.

Photos: TMZ

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  1. Shane says

    This is yet one more reason why Ryan Seacrest needs to be wiped from existence.

  2. Kaytee says

    Ok, why in the name of God would he get her a record deal??!! SHE CANNOT SING!! The only reason she’s famous is because people hate her so much because of her terrible voice and lyrics!!!!!

    1. boing says

      Yes, she can! What you said, is just what all the sheep (baa baa) keep telling each other because that’s what they want to believe. Now is she a great singer like Mariah Carey? Or Christina Aguliera or Carrie Underwood? Of course not. She not worst, and better than some of the acts that American Idol had invited to the show. Kayne West with his electronic voice isn’t very impressive for example. That said, she can sing, and is allowed to be an artist. No one puts a gun to anyone’s head and forces them to buy her record. So if she is a success and it makes money, that’s fine. If not, then that’s that.

  3. Jess Hates Rebecca black says

    Rebecca black can not sing.. she is one of the singers in the music industry, she is allful, her lyrics are even wrose then her voice, to be honset… I am 14 years old and I write better songs THEN her.. and I can sing better then her…. anyway Ryan Seacrest you dont know how much people hate her at the moment… she is only 13 years old with a horable voice and horable lyrics so just give her a break.. maybe she will be better latter on in life… lol.. ok maybe not.. lol

    p.s sorry everyone who is reading this on the spelling… sorry

    1. boing says

      Yes she can. It’s just not great. She is as good as some artists with contracts out there however and she’s allowed to do a record if they think it’s profitable. But if you write music as you say, that’s worth more than singing. Just write a hit song and you will be on your way. Seriously.

  4. boing says

    Seriously, as she said before, she’s not the best singer or the the worst singer. People just made their minds up she was the poster child and meme for the month to tease, hate and ridicule to boost peoples egos. And she can sing. It may not be top notch, but again, I can find 1000’s of videos on youtube where there are worse singers. Also Friday song is pretty catchy. But even though some dislike or hate it, it’s only one song. They can certainly record others. And like I said before, no one puts a gun to someone’s head and forces them to listen to her, follow her or buy her music. She has as much right as anyone else to try to make a career. If it works for her great. If not, then she can always try something else. People need to not worry so much over small things.

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