‘Barefoot Contessa’ FINALLY Agrees To Meet Make-A-Wish Kid Enzo

Barefoot Contessa star chef, Ina Garten has made time for the Make-A-Wish foundation kid, Enzo whom she’s been blowing off despite it’s his WISH to cook with her.

It looks like the widespread bad press that she’s been getting finally go to her and she folded.  But is it too late?  For me it is.  You don’t crush children.  You don’t blow them off.  You don’t take away a dream that you could make come true for a sick kid.

I am sure, Enzo being a 6-year-old, he will be forgiving and excited to see her.  I on the other hand lost all respect for her and will not be watching her show anymore.

Her rep now says,

“[Ina] looks forward to inviting him to spend some time with her at the Food Network studios.”

Bad press is pretty powerful isn’t it?

Photos: TMZ

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