BRAND NEW Naughty Photos of Christina Aguilera Surface

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What is with these celebrity picture scandals?!  They learn nothing from other’s mistakes.  It’s truly pathetic.  Christina Aguilera is the latest celeb to have dirty photos surface online.

Radar Online has viewed the photos and let’s just say that Xtina has a lot to worry about.

The photos were allegedly discovered on a digital card in a high end french hotel…. in the trash can.  If you’re going to ditch that kind of evidence, destroy it first!  OMG!

Radar says of some of the snaps:

* Aguilera with two naked men who appear to be strippers performing at another bachelorette party, which Lindsay Lohan’s ex-girlfriend Samantha Ronson also attended;

* Aguilera mimicking performing oral sex on an unidentified male who is holding a sex toy;

* Aguilera dancing on a table with friends at a private dinner;

* Aguilera mimicking an oral sex act on a chocolate covered banana at a theme park; and

* Aguilera posing for before-and-after make-up shots.

Get more on this latest scandal over at Radar Online now.

Photo: TMZ

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  1. Jugga says

    Why is this considered to be a scandal? Are people shocked to see that Christina Aguilera behaves like this in her spare time? This is the same girl that put out a softcore porn music video with “Dirrty” a few years back. She’s a long way from the Mickey Mouse club. This is not news to me.

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