American Idol Top 11: Jacob Lusk Is Still a Sobbing Diva – Video

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Jacob Lusk obviously doesn’t like to listen to his mentors. Last night on American Idol, he was specifically told to cut back on the drama face, etc. Then he comes out and performs Elton‘s Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word and gives more diva and more annoying facial expressions…. from the first lyric. Give me a break already dude. I can’t even look at the screen when he performs! I am afraid I will damage my TV if do.

Am I alone here?

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  1. Ama Parade says

    No Maestro, you are not the only one. At first I was lowering the sound and now I just shut the TV off ’till Jacob is done. He irritates me big time…more than any other singer in history of AI..ever

    1. Nikki Leigh says

      Good to know we are not the only ones. Word has it he’s a strong contender to win, and I am seriously wondering HOW?!

  2. Rob says

    I hate Jacob Lusk each weeek i wait for his sobbing fake emotion butt to be kicked off but for some reason he still is here!!!! I may stop watching idol till he leaves!

  3. Patti says

    Make him go away.

  4. johanna says

    Ughh. I really HATE him. He is horrible!! Stefano, Paul and Casey are all so much better than him. I don’t know who is voting but they are SOO WRONG!!! I think him being there is making IDOL ridiculous, I don’t want to watch. but I love James. Jacob should’ve gone home 3 weeks ago!!!!!!!!!!! HATE HIM… thanx for all u ppl voting for him sending the real ppl home , appreciate it~!!

  5. Joe B. says

    Jacob Lusk can sing, but he’s not entertaining. Spoiled brat ego-maniac. I can picture him being the little kid throwing a tantrum on the floor at Safeway because mommy didn’t buy him a candybar.

    Same drill for me, watching him perform is painful and upsetting. Sad to see Casey go before him.

  6. Ama Parade says

    We got our wish!! Finally 🙂

    1. Nikki Leigh says

      YESSSSS!!! 🙂 So relieved! Too bad it didn’t happen sooner! I could have enjoyed all of the performances this season! LOL Here’s to a GOOD finish to the season!

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