Kim Kardashian Drop Dead Gorgeous For Cosmopolitan UK – PHOTOS

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Kim Kardashian always looks amazing.  Some people love her for it, some hate her for it.  The latter are just pathetic and jealous.  You can’t hate someone for being better looking than you. If you do, that’s just sad.

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The reality star just wrapped up the first season of Kourtney and Kim Take New York where she stayed behind to try her independence in NYC… and further her relationship with Kris Humphries. I so enjoyed this season and am hoping there will be another one!

Now onto the point of this post… Kim is the cover girl for the latest issue of the UK Cosmopolitan and she is stunning.  OMG.  Really, these photos took my breath away. Well done girl!

Kim spoke candidly about her body image and you might be surprised by what she said:

“I have cellulite. So what! I’ve never claimed to be perfect. It’s crazy anyone should assume that just because you’re in the spotlight, you’re flawless.  Sometimes I pig out and I still feel great, and think, “That was so worth it!” That’s how I feel a lot of the time. I think, “See this little dimple of cellulite here? It was so worth it for that cookies ’n’ cream ice cream!  If I was stuck on a diet my whole life, I would be really miserable. I love to eat. If you can’t enjoy your life then what’s the point? You can’t torture yourself. I love Rice Krispies Treats, ice cream and frozen yogurt.  I never aspired to be a size zero. Although one time I tried on a dress with a size-8 label when I thought I was a size 4. It turned out it was a UK size 8, so actually it was my normal size. But it made me think, “Why do I even care?”  I couldn’t care less if it said 14. It’s just a number. Your best measure is to look in the mirror. I always say you shouldn’t weigh yourself. I don’t even have a set of scales in my house.”

I hope every woman in the world reads this article.  There are far too many eating disorders in this world because people obsess about their bodies instead of enjoying their lives and being healthy. Perhaps everyone should take a piece of advice from Kim, she knows what she’s talking about.  LOOK AT HER.

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