Suri Cruise 5th Birthday Plans (It’s NOT What You Think)

I chose this photo because I can hardly believe Suri is turning five.  The time goes so fast.  Look at that little face!  I love this portrait.

With the lavish lifestyle that Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise give to their soon to be five-year-old, Suri, you’d think that her 5th birthday party would match that, right?

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Well, Katie chatted with Ryan Seacrest on his radio show about the big day and I am pleasantly surprised,

“This is my favorite day of the year.  She wants a pinata and her girlfriends to come over [and go] swimming.  We’re gonna make a cake together!  We’re gonna have a little tea party. I kind of like to girl it up!”

So this is going to be a low-key, fun…. little girl party.  It’s perfect!  Every little girl loves a tea party and hello, swimming!  I love it!  With such a huge spotlight on their lives at all times, it’s refreshing to see them do something “normal” and try to give Suri that balance.

Happy Birthday Suri… on April 18th of course!

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