LeAnn Rimes: The Eating Disorder

She might want to pretend like she’s just being really healthy and defend the drastic weight loss.  But clearly LeAnn Rimes has issues and she needs to deal with them before she ends up in a hospital bed.

LeAnn Rimes Gets Boob Job – Before & After Pics

Rimes used to have a decent mount of meat on her bones.  Then she lost some weight.  Cool.   She still looked healthy.  Now she’s “addicted” to the gym and from the looks of it, doesn’t eat much, and if she does, it’s not a lot.

Her friends are even getting worried about her at this point.

“LeAnn’s pals are telling her not to lose any more weight.”

“Eddie’s…filming with all these beautiful women,” the source says. “It’s the stress of not being able to trust him.”

That makes sense.  She’s stressed, she’s not eating, still working out like a maniac… girl needs help!  Eddie, you need to save your future wife from herself!

You can see the most recent, scary photo of LeAnn here….

Photos: E!

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