’30 Rock’ Has Been Cancelled – FINAL SEASON

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Not today though.  So don’t go into total panic.  But 30 Rock has an end date.  Alec Baldwin spoke to Vulture last night at the National Dance Institute’s annual fund-raising gala where he said,

“I will tell you one thing,” he said. “And that is our show next year is our last year of the show.  Our contracts are expired [in 2012], and Tina is gonna have a big career directing films and writing. She’s going to be the next Elaine May. She’ll be great.”

NBC obviously hasn’t announced this news yet because it’s a ways off.  But yeah, one more season of 30 Rock and then it’s closing the doors.

How bummed are you?

Photo: NBC

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  1. Sam Srok says


    1. Mary Kay says

      Stupid cast, stupid characters, stupid show, stupid director, extemely bad ratings…. The real question: How did it stay on the air so long?!!

      1. terror says

        mary kay you obviously dont have a sense of humor so stick to your bible and go eat some chik-fil-a idiot..

    2. Tina says

      I actually like the show…I can’t catch NBC on my little portable TV but they play the reruns on MyKADN. It isn’t a favorite like all the crime shows, but while I am at work and I am bored, this is something to keep me awake because it is funny and crazy at the same time…

  2. 2ply says

    I can’t believe 30 Rock got canned, had been wondering why it hasn’t been on with the rest of the shows this year.

    Of all the crap on weekly TV this was the one to get cancelled? Any new show the networks have gave a tv spot to this year are incredibly terrible too, such as other NBC’s ‘Up All Night’ or ‘Whitney’, any of those are the ones that should be cancelled.

    1. Steve says

      Which shows “should” be cancelled is completely subjective. While Whitney and Up All Night certainly aren’t very good, NBC was able to drag 30 Rock through just long enough for syndication and thus, more money for them (and Alec and Tina of course), and that’s really all they cared about. It certainly wasn’t about making a very entertaining, funny, or even slightly interesting show.

  3. don says

    If this show wasn’t done enough, you now have that jackass baldwin making news by being an ass( or himself) on an airplane. Take a gander at your employees feedback on any site that carries news. Congrats on hiring this fool

  4. Paul says

    How bummed am I? Try cry myself to sleep with pitiful intermittent sobs every night for the next month until I go emotionally numb bummed!( maybe not that bad but you get the idea) I love this show and find Tina Fey to be a middle aged goddess!

  5. Strahan says

    I love 30 Rock and Tina Fey and am going to hate to see this show get cancled or end. I will say this though, the writing this season has been a bit off. 30 Rock’s comedy and writing relies heavily on pop-culture and current events. Since most of the episodes and bits for the show were filmed 3 to 4 months ago (due to later air date from Fey’s pregnancy) they are a bit out dated; also there is a lack of over all episode to episode story line. In every other season there has been a recurring thing keeping the episodes together, this season is missing that. Only because I think this season they decided to make inchangable episodes that could more or less be aired at any given time. I don’t think anything has changed about 30 Rock the writing is still levels above the other crap on tv at that time, I think fans just can’t find the references to current events that they are use to and that the show feeds off of.
    I just hope Tina Fey will continue to work after 30 Rock cause she’s an amazing writer, actress, comedian, and over all good person. She one of the few left in Hollywood who can do it all!

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