‘The Glenn Beck Show’ Has Been Cancelled

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Glenn Beck and his show ‘The Glenn Beck Show‘ are going off air later this year.

Glenn will now “transition off his daily program.”  The new plan is that Beck and Fox News “will work together to develop and produce a variety of television projects for air on the FOX News Channel as well as content for other platforms including FOX News’ digital properties.”

We don’t know when his last air date will be, I am sure that announcement will come soon. But what do you think about his show ending in the first place?

Photo: TMZ

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  1. Rich L Mack says

    Without all of the details of Who, What, why, Where, When and How, It, is hard to make a comment based on anything but conjecture. I would say though. If Fox does this for any other reason then perpetuating a better time slot and keeping a sensible Honest purveyor of the truth form giving millions of watchers what they need to hear. They–FOX–Is stepping on their proverbial D**k.–PERIOD– Rich.

  2. Helen Font says

    I hope that’s not true. One of the few shows where we can hear the facts — maybe that was the problem. Got too many people thinking and asking questions.

    1. D.D. says

      Facts ? You have got to be kidding, but – I know you’re not. The guy is a joke and he’s bad for the republican party ! THAT’S WHY he is being cancelled. MoRoN
      ps ~ I am a republican

      1. Christoff says

        Glenn Beck is not a republican, so obviously you are the one who is a moron.

    2. Liam says

      Facts? You have clearly never watched his show. Facts are precisely what he does not incorporate into his format. And since when did one thinking for him or herself and asking questions become a bad thing? I highly doubt that was the issue for FOX. Hmmm, perhaps it was his baseless, inflammatory, divisive diatribes against various persons and/or societal factions that insulted, degraded and off-put Republicans and Democrats across this country alike? Let’s face it, in less than two years since joining FOX from CNN he alienated and lost over 30% of his viewers, which were largely majority Republican. Speaks for itself.

    3. Smartone says

      Obvious troll is Obvious

  3. mbjohnson says

    Thanks GAWD! It’s about time those nuts at Fox began to see the light!! Beck was a drip and a nutcase. He made Fox look worse than they already do! Not that I ever could make it through an entire show, but I’ve seen enough clips to understand he was dragging them downnnnnnnnnnnnn even further than they are. Fair and balanced…what a joke!

  4. nikki says

    there is a god, this is proof!!

  5. derpyhooves says

    “I hope that’s not true. One of the few shows where we can hear the facts — maybe that was the problem. Got too many people thinking and asking questions.”

    – Helen Font

    1. Rhonda LeSage says

      Helen, how can thinking and asking questions EVER be a bad thing? The problem with Fox News viewers is that they do NOT question enough or do research to verify the information that Fox reports as facts. The reason that America’s students rank 23rd and 26th in science and math is because our children are NOT being taught how to think critically like children in other industrialized countries are. This will ultimately be the demise of the US as a Super Power. We won’t be able to compete because we’ll be a country of lemmings.

  6. cc says

    who cares-

  7. WorldWide1001 says

    Isn’t it funny how the RICH can manipulate people? Now that his run on Fox is coming to an end. What do you think of Fox now? They were never about news, it was about making lots of money. It wasn’t about the truth, it was about how to hype a story.

  8. Obbop says

    I consider the lad to be rather daffy.. a little “loose” in the cognition department.

    But, as with all those so-called pundits such as Limbaugh etc. they are mere entertainers and are not relaters of knowledge or truth.

    Over-paid vermin while those actually performing the tasks the USA requires to be done so that We, the People can exist are paid a pittance.

    A pox on pundits and politicians.

    Scum sucking vermin.

  9. Trevor says

    America should be thankful. As an outsider who has no political leanings for any US party I can say that Beck encompasses the things that the rest of the world despises about the USA. He is a hatemonger of the first degree and would serve well as what he accuses of many others, being a Nazi.

    Someone said of him that he gives the facts and tells the truth. I would say that you are very probably educationally challenged and need to either learn what truth and facts are or do a little more research on the vile diatribes he spouts about.

    The USA is a great place with great people, it’s just a shame you let a hateful little man like Beck speak for so many people.

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