American Idol Romance Guide: Who’s Hooking Up With Who

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We don’t get to see that much of the behind the scenes action from our American Idol contestants.  But let me tell you, there is a whole lot going on.

What are a bunch of cute, mostly teenagers going to do while living together in close quarters, away form their families?  Hook up.  Plain and simple.  It’s like a grueling, luxurious summer camp or something.  They do have some down time and they are filling it with….. you know….

So here’s how the hookups are playing out so far:

Haley Reinhart and Stefano Langone were “together” , but then he bailed on her and is currently going after Pia Toscano.  Haley is now with Casey Abrams.  Some people are saying it’s just a rebound/revenge tactic to get back at Stefano.  But I think Casey and Haley are actually very into each other.

Now on a different level, Paul McDonald has been getting to know Nikki Reed (Twilight)  via Skype.  Then Lauren Alaina has been chatting it up with Twilight’s Taylor Lautner!  Amazing!  This is all craziness.  But they all seem to be staying focused on the competition because the performances have been nothing short of stellar… with a few exceptions.  But yeah, these guys are great!

UPDATE: Pia is now dating DWTS star, Mark Ballas… details here!

Photo: Fox

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