Karina Smirnoff: Playboy May 2011

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UPDATE: Check out photos from the issue HERE!!

Karina Smirnoff did something unexpected.  With a solid career on Dancing With The Stars, you’d think she’d want to keep it.  Maybe she’s burnt out and wanted to leave with a bang?  Who knows her reasoning, but with Playboy‘s Hugh Hefner announcing that she is the Playboy cover girl for the May issue yesterday on Twitter, well…. her days on DWTS are numbered for sure.

Hef Tweeted:

“@IanSpiegelman Karina Smirnoff posed for Playboy, including the May cover, Ian. Very special.”

There has been all sorts of debate and speculation about this spread.  Like IF she poses for Playboy, she will be fired.  Well, in Hef’s own words, she already did it.  She “posed” for the issue.  Which means it’s already done.  And that my friends means she’s out of her “day job.”  I wonder what she has planned for her future?

Why do you think she did it?

Photo: ABC

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  1. SW says

    Karina-you should have thought of Ralph before doing Playboy. Hopefully people voting for their favorite choice in this season’s DWTS won’t take it out on Ralph because of the choice you decided to make. I’m not mad at you for doing Playboy, although we’ll miss seeing you on the show. BUT-appearing in PLAYBOY before this season’s DWTS is over was just plain thoughtless of you, and shows what kind of thoughtless person you are. I had you all wrong.

    1. Nikki Leigh says

      She’s not getting fired. The DWTS people pre-approved the spread… Ralph Macchio and Karina Smirnoff
      DWTS Gave Karina Smirnoff Thumbs Up For Playboy Spread

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