Dancing With The Stars Week 4 Says Goodbye To

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Tonight is the third elimination so far on this season of Dancing With The Stars.  Last night the theme was classical music, and it proved challenging for the stars.  They all pulled through, but Kirstie Alley lost her shoe!  She and Maks pulled it out though and finished nicely.

Tonight, Oscar winning American Idol alum, Jennifer Hudson will be performing.  Then someone will be sent home.

My gut is telling me that it will either be Kendra Wilkinson or Sugar Ray Leonard, maybe even Chris Jericho.   But then, you never know.  Surprises and shockers happen more often than not.

Who do you think is out?  Drop your guesses below, then check back for the recap and results shortly!

Good luck everyone!

UPDATE: Chelsea and Mark were the first in danger…. that was a shock.  Then the judges picked them as the encore dance and they deserved it.  Loved the creativity there.

Jennifer Hudson came out with her sexy new self next rockin’ a tiny purple dress.  She was great!

Petra and Demitri were the next to land in danger.  That was another surprise, in my opinion.

Up next, we got an amazing performance from Swan lake, that simply took my breath away.  I love ballet!  It was amazing!

Jennifer Hudson sang Unforgettable next and of course blew the roof off.

Sugar Ray and Anna were the next in jeopardy,  Kendra knew it should have been there and she knew it.  Then the ball dropped and Sugar Ray was sent packing.  Not a surprise.  But he took it well.


Photo: ABC

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