Kendra Wilkinson Talks Cutting, Drugs, and Stripping – VIDEO

Last night Dr. Drew talked to Kendra Wilkinson, who is currently busting her tail on this season of Dancing With The Stars. In this very personal interview, Kendra talks about her relationship with Hef, her past involving cutting, drugs, and stripping…. and a whole lot more.

Kendra said,

“I guess the cutting part of my life, and the drugs. I mean, that just wasn’t me. I will never understand why I got into that. I don’t even like drugs, I just did it to do it…and I can be honest and say I was doing it out of attention. Nobody was giving me the attention that I needed.”

Kendra has come a really long way from all of that and has a wonderful like with her hubby, Hank Baskett and their son Hank Jr.

“Last night I can tell you, it was one of the special moments in our life together. We woke up baby Hank to have some time with him…he was so happy that he leaned in and kissed us both, and that’s my life. That’s life, that’s my drug.”

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