American Idol: Pia Tosacano Lands BIG Payday

American Idol castoff, Pia Toscano didn’t need to win the title to get her fame and fortune.  It’s coming to her in the buckets at this point.  The latest piece of good fortune for Pia?  A $100,000 gig for one night!  Some people with a lot of cash to blow love her so much, they want her to sing at a private birthday party in Los Angeles.  The first offered her $50,000 and she said no.  They came right back by doubling the offer to the 100k and she immediately said yes!

American Idol BLOCKING Pia Toscano From Releasing Album?!

The gig goes down next week, May 8th… Mother’s Day.  SO I guess instead of spending the day with her mom, she can just go buy her a really nice gift.

Congrats to Pia on her continued success!

Photo: Fox

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