Lindsay Lohan Pleading No Contest, Accepting Jail Time

Lindsay Lohan has certainly had a change of heart.  She made quite an impression on Jay Leno the other night and she’s proving that wasn’t just an act.  She mainly stated that she is ready to accept responsibility for her mistakes and wants to move on with her life.  Makes sense.  But now she’s actually following through with it.

Lindsay Lohan Being Framed By Look-A-Like?!

The plan now if for Lindsay to enter a no contest plea for the misdemeanor theft charge and begin serving her 120 jail sentence.  Of course, she won’t serve the entire sentence thank to the constant overcrowding in the jail.  She will most like serve three weeks.

I give Lindsay huge props.  This is a huge move on her part.  I just hope the rest of the world will lay off now and let the girl get it all straight.  She IS trying.


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