Miley Cyrus, WHAT Are You Wearing?

Last night, Miley Cyrus kicked off her Gypsy Heart Tour at the Atahualpa Staduim in Quito, Equador.  Cool.  This girl is an amazing performer.  Anyone who denies that hasn’t seen her in concert.  No lip syncing and huge stage presence.  Last time I checked, that qualified as a GOOD concert.

Miley Cyrus Returns To Twitter

Anyhow, I am not questioning the sexiness of this atrocious outfit.  I am just calling it out as butt ugly.  Yuck.  This is so not Miley.  Why is she wearing it?  Is Taylor Momsen her new stylist?

Yuck.  Please Miley, change the wardrobe.  It’s totally ewwwww.

Photos: EPA/Daily Mail

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