ABC Cancelling ‘General Hospital’ For Katie Couric’s New Show

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Whoaaa!  That’s not a way to make new fans and well, General Hospital fans are going to hate Katie Couric with a scary vengeance.    Nothing has been set in stone, but you better believe it going to happen.  Soaps have been dropping like flies all over the place and General Hospital is the last soap on ABC.  They are obviously not opposed to being soap-free.

Katie Couric Officially Steps Down From ‘CBS Evening News’

Sources have revealed to TMZ that Katie is in the final stages of completing her contract with ABC.  She will be getting her own talk show… that’s the one that will likely take over for General Hospital.  Then she will also get pieces on 20/20, fill in as a news anchor, and wherever they need her.

This contract is in the $20 million range.  Nice.  This woman knows what she’s doing.  Talk about a power move.

I still can’t believe they are going to kill General Hospital.  Yikes.


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  1. Tammy says

    I will never watch Katie…if the cancel GH I will not watch ABC any longer.

  2. Anthony says

    If this is totally true, people will certainly not give Katie the ratings.

  3. ilovegh and dante says

    katie curic can go f herself nd she cancels GH for her boring f*****g show she will just tank abc rateings…she a f****n blonde bimbo for offence the blonds out there.. she is a fake a does not deservre to have her own show….and waht right minded person would watch her….she already has 20/20 and other stuff just leave GH alone and crawl back in to the hole she came from. the hole from hell.

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