American Idol Results Show May 5: The Official Top 4 Revealed

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Last night on American Idol, we got to see the final five perform twice. One current song and one from the 1960s. I really enjoyed all of the performances, save for Jacob Lusk’s. That always requires a nice fast forward session.  Can you believe that we are down to the final FOUR tonight?  This season has been amazing and I am so impressed by the results show performances they’ve been giving us.

Tonight will be no exception.  We get the lovely, Jennifer Lopez out of her judges chair and up on the stage, finally!  Plus Lady Antebellum is tapped to perform and then of course, the big build up for Lady Gaga’s premiere of ‘Judas’… the music video.  I am surprised that Idol is going to air it.  This is a family show and Gaga is far from family friendly… especially in the HIGHLY controversial song.

WATCH: Lady Gaga ‘Judas’ OFFICIAL Music Video HERE

Aside from the fact we already got to see the video this morning…. did you see it?

Anyhow, the results will happen at the end of the fun performances.  So who’s going home?  Please let it be Jacob.  He’s the ONLY one I can say should go home.  Anyone else will be a huge disappointment.

Check back shortly for the results.

UPDATE: Lady Antebellum rocked the stage, the contestants made some crazy omelettes (Scotty, don’t quit your day job), J.Lo and Pitbull OWNED the the floor… amazing!  The bottom two were Lauren Alaina and Jacob Lusk.

The final results revealed that Jacob got the least amount of votes (finally) and he was sent packing.  Whew!

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