Whitney Houston Checks Into Rehab

Whitney Houston has checked herself in to an out-patient rehabilitation program.  This isn’t a real shocker, right?  She has been known to go down the path of drug and alcohol abuse in the past and well, rehab would be great for her.  But there’s the kicker, she’s allegedly not doing the program for drugs or alcohol.  What?!  This is weird.  What could it be then?

Sources told TMZ,

“She’s cleansing herself to get ready for a new movie.”

And they say that she is aloud to go in public as long as she keeps her monitor on.  WHAT monitor?  For what?  If not boozes or drugs, this makes no sense.

What do you think it’s about?

UPDATE:  A rep for Houston has now confirmed that she’s in rehab for booze and drugs.  So whoever tried to cover that up was a moron.  Anyhow, best of luck to her.  But I do think she needs to be in a full time rehab facility.  She’s a wreck.

Photo: TMZ


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