Dancing With The Stars Week 8 Results – Final 4

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Here it is guys!  Dancing With The Stars is down to the FINAL FOUR tonight!  Last night we got two performances from each star, including the dreaded instant dances.  I loved all of it and I will be sad to see anyone go tonight.  But this is how it goes now.  The cream of the crop is all we’ve got left, so we shall see!

If you missed out, you can see the recap and scores from last night HERE.

Tonight we get to see the mega hit maker, Adele perform during the results and that my friends is quite the treat.  She is simply amazing.

As far as the elimination, I think it might just be Ralph Macchio going tonight.  Only because his injury really affected him last night and there is no guarantee he’s gong to heal up in time for next week.  He probably would if he was off his feet resting.  But you know he can’t do that and still give a good performance in a few days time.

What do you think?

Check back later for the results!  Good luck everyone!

UPDATE: Hines and Kirstie were the first two safe and heading into the final four.  Adele was beyond amazing.  That girl has more talent in her left pinky than…. well, you get the picture.  The final results revealed that Romeo and Ralph were both in jeopardy… then Romeo was sent home.  He of course handled it well.  A total class act, will miss him… but we are almost at the end!!  Ralph was so relieved.  I just hope he heals enough to perform on Monday!

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