Lindsay Lohan Officially Gets House Arrest

Lindsay Lohan’s lawyer, Shawn Holley entered a plea of no contest this morning.  The prosecutors went for formal probation instead of informal…. the judge said that she’s putting Lilo on formal probation until her jail time and community service is completed.

The judge compared her house arrest and early release like shopping at Costco.   She also ordered that Lindsay will not be allowed to do the community service while on house arrest.

Lindsay got 3 years probation, which will be formal while she’s still on probation in the Beverly Hills case.  Then it will be reduced to informal.

She 120 days in jail…. aka 14 days on house arrest.

She’s already serving 480 hours of community service.

She has to stay 100 feet away from the jewelry store…. and never contact them.

She also has to pay some little fines.

Lindsay has to surrender on or before June 17th to CRDF.

That’s about it.

Congrats to Lindsay!  You dodged another massive bullet.


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