Survivor’s Russell Hantz Signs on For A&E’s ‘Flipped’

Russell Hantz is going to take a break from being the villain on Survivor and he’s going to fill his time on the A&E series, Flipped. Hantz and his family will go around Houston attempting to buy houses at low prices, renovate them and then sell them  for a profit.

“House flipping is back, and the stakes have been elevated,” said David McKillop, EVP Programming at A&E Network and BIO Channel. “Known as the entrepreneur on Survivor, Hantz’s life as a house flipper is truly outrageous, real and genuine, which fits in nicely with our lineup of non-scripted original series.”

These episodes will air later this year.  Can’t wait! It will be interesting to see Russell doing something so not Survivor!

Photo: CBS

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