Estella Warren Aressted For DUI and Oh So Much More – MUGSHOT

Planet of the Apes actress and model Estella Warren (40) is so very busted right now.  Last night Estella was driving (very drunk) in Los Angeles when she hit three parked cars in her Prius.  When she was being arrested for the DUI, she attempted to resist and even kicked one of the cops!

While she was being booked, she wriggled her way out of the handcuffs and ran out the back door…. seriously.  Of course they caught her and upped the charges.

The cops told TMZ,

“She was really hammered.”

Estella Warren was booked for felony escape, assault, hit and run and DUI and is being held on $100,000 bail.

The mugshot should be up shortly… keep refreshing!

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