UPDATED! Lauren Alaina Loses Voice – WILL NOT Compete in American Idol Finale – Haley Reinhart is BACK IN

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OMG.  How could this happen?!  This is so insane.  Tonight is the beginning of the American Idol finale and Lauren Alaina is supposed to be facing off against Scotty McCreery.  Well, thanks to LOSING HER VOICE, Lauren’s doctor has ordered her NOT to sing or even speak.  She was unable to get through the three songs she’s supposed to sing tonight.

American Idol producers are getting in touch with Haley Reinhart right now to get her back in it, to compete for the title instead of Lauren.

OMG!  What do  you think of this?  Isn’t this wrong?  I am shocked.

UPDATE: Haley Reinhart is in wardrobe RIGHT NOW.  If Lauren can’t sing, Haley is set to sing: “House of the Rising Sun,” “I Who Have Nothing” and “Bennie and the Jets.”  Lauren isn’t speaking. ……

UPDATE: Lauren is still in it to win it!!  Haha!  Yeah!  She’s not giving it up like that! A doctor came on stage at the beginning of the live show that just began saying  Lauren “blew out her vocal cords” but she’s got a bunch of meds and “she’ll do great.”

I wonder how disappointed Haley was AGAIN…… it’s only right!  If Haley had taken over, it just wouldn’t have felt legit!

UPDATE: Lauren has not completed TWO songs without a hitch…. she “won” the second round too!  Girl wants this one BAD!!

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