May 24th Finale – Biggest Loser Couples WINNER is Crowned

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Tonight is the big season finale of Biggest Loser Couples and is promises to be an emotional one.  For the first time ever, a team/couple has made it to the end together.  Sisters Hannah and Olivia are in the top two spots while Irene and Jay are waiting to see who was voted into the third spot by the viewers.

Of course the big winner of theses three gets the $250,000 prize, then one of the contestants that was sent home will win $100,000 for losing the most from home.

So, not only are we getting two winners for the cash tonight, we are saying goodbye to Jillian Michaels as she leaves the show to adopt a baby and become a first time mommy.

Wonder who’s going to replace her?  They will be announcing that tennis champ, Anna Kournikova will be taking Jillian’s spot.  Surprised?  Yeah, so was I!

Okay, moment of truth…. who do you tinkis going to be the Biggest Loser champ tonight?  Drop your guesses in the box below, then check back shortly for the results!

UPDATE: Congrats to Olivia!!!  She is the BIGGEST LOSER!!!!

Photo: NBC


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