PHOTOS: Alexander Skarsgard is Delicious for GQ Magazine – June 2011

Swedish hunk Alexander Skarsgard is the GQ cover boy for the June 2011 issue and I’d personally like to say thank you to the magazine.  Yum!

He’s got three big movies going Battleship, Straw Dogs and Melancholia… so we are going to see lots of him!  We are of course used to seeing him on True Blood, as vampire Eric Northman.

Alexander is loving life here in the States…. enjoying his California life,

“I like the way that in America you walk into a coffee shop and the girl asks how your day is.  When I first moved here I loved that. I know it’s shallow and superficial and she doesn’t give a f**k about my day, but I still like it.  Sweden is a lot more reserved.”

Ha!  I love it! Grab a copy of GQ and read the entire article, he’s awesome!

Enjoy the eye candy below…. you’re welcome!

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