Kate Winslet Poses NUDE For Exhibition in Rome

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Kate Winslet has been on camera, naked more than once.  This time it’s going to be different.  The world renowned photographer, Mario Testino is behind the nude photos for the “Todo o Nada” exhibit that will open in Rome in July.

Kate says,

“You know that his biggest strength without 
fail is making women look beautiful,” she said at the El Museo del Barrio gala Thursday evening in New York City, as she presented the celebrity favorite with an award honoring his career. “When Mario turns to you and says, ‘It’s beautiful, but I think it
 would work better naked, no?’ How can one refuse?  No matter what
 insecurities about oneself a subject may have, Mario makes them go away 
like a magician..  One moment you are in the hair and makeup chair fully 
clothed and wishing you had smoother skin, longer legs and smaller feet and then Mario comes in and in that charming way he takes you by the
 hand and says, ‘Don’t worry it’s going to be amazing.’”

Mario explains,

“I said to her, I want you to pose 
nude for this exhibition.  And she was like, ‘Oh, OK, Mario.’ 

She said yes right away.” That didn’t come as a surprise to Testino. “Most of them I think trust me. I would never let them down.”

Wow. This man must have magic.  If the ladies are that willing to strip down…. I am impressed.  This exhibit it going to be something else!  Stay tuned for the photos!

Photo: Lancome

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  1. Janice K says

    Kate Winslet called my home when I was leaving. I listened by the phone. She said,”Well,HELLLOOOOOOO, Janice.” And hung up!! I had a very bad accident that day, and another when a car ran a light in a city, with my new car. What do you think. Kate, what the heck are you doing? Leonardo likes me a lot. Witch.

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