Jessica Simpson Bans Fiancé From Cheating…. It’s In The Prenup!

Jessica Simpson will be walking down the aisle for the second time on November 11th.  But this isn’t happening before she has her fiance, Eric Johnson sign a prenup…. and it includes something she feels very strongly about.  She doesn’t want Eric cheating on her, and if he does, she wants her billion dollar empire protected should he turn out to be a cheater.

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“Jessica’s biggest fear is that Eric will stray, so she insisted on that specific clause in her prenup,” one friend revealed to In Touch.  “She’s being fair with Eric in case things don’t work out, but he won’t get anything if he cheats.”

Of course that is the smart thing to do.  It’s just really sad that these days you have to do that.   I don’t know that I could marry someone I had to make sign a paper over cheating on…. it’s just a little um, non-romantic.

What do you think? Has love and business gotten a little clouded?

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