Bret Lockett Taking Down Kim Kardashian With Intimate Photos, Text Messages and MORE!

Uh oh! This just got really real.  I was kind of doubting that any of this scandal about Kim Kardashian cheating on Kris Humphries was legit, BUT, the cheatee, Bret Lockett is swearing he has the evidence to prove he and In Touch are not the ones lying here.

Cheating Scandal: Kim Kardashian vs Bret Lockett and In Touch

Kim has said she’s never even met him or talked to him.  Yes Bret is saying he’s got intimate text messages and photos as well as phone records proving that she’s the liar.

I’d love to hear what Kris has to say?  If this is true, I certainly don’t see him staying with her….

IS this all true?  Is this why Kim flipped out and got lawyers involved right off the bat?  Is the $2 million wedding already OVER?

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