Emily Maynard To Be The NEW ‘Bachelorette’

What?!  You can’t be serious!  This girl can’t handle ANYTHING…much less 25 guys.  I guess Emily Maynard loves the sound of her name coming up repeatedly on this season of The Bachelorette…. and she wants to be the it girl next.

“Emily has talked to ABC about it, and they said they’d consider it,” an insider reveals to Life & Style. “That’s why she’s staying active on Twitter and is doing the blog, because she wants the world to remember her. Emily wants to be a big star.”

So Emily couldn’t make things work with the failure, Brad Womack…. so she’s going to take on a crowd of men?  This could be really interesting…

What do you think?  Will Emily make a good Bachelorette?  I know it’s now set in stone yet, but if ABC brought back Brad Womack, why wouldn’t they bring in Emily?  She’s be huge for ratings….. Will update when it is official!

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